comprehensive service

Reforms and masonry in Mallorca

In our quest to provide the best service to our customers, Zeus Electrics provides a comprehensive service that includes small reforms and masonry work so that you can have all your needs met with just one company.

Masonry Services

Masonry Works

Zeus are also proud to announce that they undertake channeling for all necessary work required Ie electrical panels, Universal boxes & electrical meters. This is set out to make your life easier without having to call other tradesmen to complete the work. We offer a full service for your all your needs.

switches & plugs

Zeus electrics not only change your switches & plugs etc we also drill to prepare the wall to install the universal box. We provide any final touches for the perfect mounting mechanism without having to call upon either tradesmen to do so.

On most occasions in small reforms it is necessary to replace the old electrical switch boxes for the more current up to date universal boxes & this does involve preparing the distributing channels. Zeus electric undertake all the necessary preperations required & with years of experience under their belt ,thus saving you as their client time, money & hassle of having to liase with different laborers.

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