Electrician services, satellite installation and home automation system in Mallorca

At Zeus Electrics we do all kinds of electrical installations, breakdown repairs, safety protections, motors (engines) and pumps, home automation system installations, satellites and much more. Counting with the warranty of over 15 years’ experience in this industry.

Our Services



We offer electrical services and repairs of any kind.



Installation of satellite dishes and antennas on buildings and breakdown repairs.



Boilers, pressure pumps, submersible pumps and breakdown repairs.



We perform masonry preparation for all installations and repairs required.

Home automation system in Mallorca

Enjoy the advantages of a smart home. In many cases, large houses require high maintenance. In these cases, we recommend to have home automation. Program or pre-set anything you require:

-Electric blind timetables
-Pool engines
-Air conditioning


We offer you:

Submersible pumps: maintenance, repairs and installation of security equipment.

Installation of home automation system with control via tablet or smartphone.

Installation of terrestrial antennae and satellite dishes of any kind and repairs.

Swimming pool and pressure engines: installation, maintenance and repairs.

Installation of safety protections for engines, Jacuzzi, swimming pools, etc.

Restructuring electric panels, sanitation and separation of sectors.

Study and measurements to reduce your high energy costs.

Electric boilers: Installation, maintenance and repairs.

Interior and exterior lighting of any kind.

LED lighting and low consumption.

Electrical installations of any kind.

Safety protection for overvoltage.

Home or community intercoms.

Security cameras.

Power increases.

Telephone lines.

15 years’ experience as electricians in Pollensa, Mallorca

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