Pool engines

Electric boilers: Installation and repairs of boilers, pressure pumps and submersible pumps

Zeus Electrics do all kinds of work which is related to the installation of boilers, pressure engines and submersible pumps as well as the repair and maintenance of such equipment. We use the best brands and advise our clients regarding proper upkeep and maintenance.


Electric Boilers

A boiler cleaning requires a year or two depending on the area and water hardness. With this simple maintenance you extend the life of your heater for years and reduce energy consumption. As in pressure pumps, submerged pumps, etc.

pressure pumps

Installation, maintenance and repair of engines and pressure equipment and prevention mechanisms to avoid damage. Budgets tailored to the needs of our customers.

Pool engines

We set up swimming pool motors and do all kinds of maintenance to avoid future problems of the same. We work out a budget to suit your needs.

Submersible pumps

We install all types of submersible pumps for drinking water, or irrigation equipment and also probes and safeguards to protect your pump in case of lack of water avoiding burning pumps.

Problems with the water?